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YVWater Mid Season Review | Division Two Senior Women’s

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By Josh Ward.



Ladder Position: 4th (5-3)

Percentage: 174.89%

Points For (Rank): 411 (3rd)

Points Against (Rank): 235 (4th)

Leading Goalkicker: Alari Georgia Malkoun (30 goals in 8 matches)

Following two seasons without a women’s side, Berwick have started to build nicely as the season’s gone on.

With a young group and a former Premier Division coach at the helm, the Wickers have so far had a successful start to life in Division 2.

Ex-South Belgrave players such as Hayley Woolfe and Brooke Watson have both been key to the side’s successful start alongside Berwick junior and ex-Dandenong Stingray Sophie Simpson.

None have been more vital than the division’s leading goalkicker in Alari Georgia Malkoun, with the ex-Beaconsfield star proving a handful for defence’s week in week out.

They’ve gained some familiarity with most, if not all, sides in the division. And with a young group, they could prove to be a handful for the rest of the season.

Prediction: 3rd


Ladder Position: 5th (3-5)
Percentage: 92.11%
Points For (Rank): 315 (5th)
Points Against (Rank): 342 (5th)
Leading Goalkicker: Bernadette Canavan (12 goals in 5 matches)

After setting the foundations of a new era in 2023, this year has been a similar story for the Blackburn women’s side.

Whilst they’re yet to defeat a side between sixth and first, they’ve still managed to defeat sides they’ve needed to win against in Ringwood and Chirnside Park.

New faces from the Burners junior program have stepped up and added to the group, particularly Bernadette Canavan and Lily Carroll.

The star of the show has still been Mia Chadwick who continues to be consistently named in the best and contribute on the scoreboard.

With plenty of promise and an attack that, at its best, can hit the scoreboard, the Burners could cause some headaches for the rest of 2024

Prediction: 5th

Chirnside Park
Ladder Position: 7th (1-7)
Percentage: 25.42%
Points For (Rank): 122 (7th)
Points Against (Rank): 480 (6th)
Leading Goalkicker: 4 players with two goals each

After a lean two years in Division 1, 2024 presented a fresh start for Chirnside Park in a new division.

And while they haven’t picked up the four points on all but one occasion, the Panthers of Chirnside have still been competitive in different stages of the year.

The experienced Laura Robinson has continued to be a pillar of consistency alongside a relatively new face Ella Herrmann.

Ex-Mount Evelyn player Alyssa Sanders has continued on from her solid 2023 campaign, hitting the scoreboard and often being named in the best.

With their winless drought broken and some competitive performances to date, the Panthers could be bound for another win in the near future.

Prediction: 7th

Ladder Position: 6th (3-5)
Percentage: 45.45%
Points For (Rank): 260 (6th)
Points Against (Rank): 572 (8th)
Leading Goalkicker: Shae Dale (13 goals in 8 matches)

Following a premiership over the Eastern Devils Black in Division 3, the Cougars came into 2024 with a bit of momentum behind them.

Whilst they’ve had their struggles, Kilsyth has still shown glimpses of just how strong they can be, particularly in attack.

Across the park young guns such as Hayley Heffernan and Emily Van Veen have taken their game to another level alongside Darci Innes.

The experience of Shae Dale has also been on display too, with the former Eastern Devils player leading from the front in attack.

While it is a younger group than its premiership side, the Cougars certainly have plenty of potential and make strides for the rest of 2024.


Prediction: 6th


Ladder Position: 3rd (5-3)
Percentage: 177.27%
Points For (Rank): 390 (4th)
Points Against (Rank): 220 (3rd)
Leading Goalkicker: Jaclyn Healy (10 goals in 7 matches)

Since 2021 the Montrose women’s side have slowly been building a strong side in Division 2 through its junior program.

This year has seen them continue on their upward trajectory and sees them sit in a finals position.

Players from their junior program such as Jaclyn Healy and Tiana Witnish have stood out alongside new recruit Chloe Jones.

It’s been Rachel Hardy that’s been the star of the show once again though, with the midfielder being named in the best in every game she’s played this year.

With the Dees sitting reasonably comfortable in the top four, it could be set to be a fruitful year for Shilette Baker and her side.

Prediction: 4th

Ladder Position: 8th (0-8)
Percentage: 8.72%
Points For (Rank): 45 (8th)
Points Against (Rank): 516 (7th)
Leading Goalkicker: Abbey Jordanov (3 goals in 8 matches)

Much like Chirnside Park, 2024 presented a fresh start for Ringwood in a division where they had previously been minor premiers in 2021.

But their lean years have continued for the Redbacks who have yet to win a game and sit at the foot of the table.

The rough start hasn’t stopped key players from previous years from performing, particularly Tiana Johnson, Abbey Jordanov and Jacinta Collier.

Grace Ward has continued to impress though, with the Redbacks captain being named in the best in six of seven occasions.

While they’ve often struggled for numbers, Ringwood certainly do have some stars that can help them improve, particularly if they can field a full squad on the park.

Prediction: 8th

Surrey Park
Ladder Position: 1st (8-0)
Percentage: 746.67%
Points For (Rank): 560 (1st)
Points Against (Rank): 75 (1st)
Leading Goalkicker: Jemma Wright (14 goals in 7 matches)

Last year’s Division 2 Grand Finalist came into 2024 with plenty of potential and under a new coach in Chris Langkau.

And so far they’ve lived up to that potential, sitting undefeated and with the strongest percentage across the entire women’s competition.

Their new additions in Mia Kolednik and Amelia Tarulli have added to a talented core group of players comprising Hannah Bahn, Jemma Wright, Kalarni Kearns and Bia Yosrungrueang.

Mathilda Lewis has also somewhat flown under the radar, with the star midfielder and defender often named in the best.

The sky’s the limit for the Panthers who have now set themselves as the hunted, a mantle which they’ve already embraced.

Prediction: 1st

Waverley Blues
Ladder Position: 2nd (7-1)
Percentage: 253.88%
Points For (Rank): 556 (2nd)
Points Against (Rank): 219 (2nd)
Leading Goalkicker: Stephanie Peacock (25 goals in 8 matches)

Following a preliminary final appearance last year, the Blues came into this season as a side that could build on its strong return season to the women’s competition.

And so far they’ve done just that, losing only one game to the top of the table Panthers and looking likely to be Surrey’s No.1 challenger by the end of the season.

Amelia Bishop, Renee James and Abbey Russell have continued on from their strong 2023 seasons alongside Emma White and Elise Hoole.

Recruit Stephanie Peacock has added another dimension to an already potent forward, with the ex-Hampton Rover currently sitting second in the Division 2 goalkicking charts.

With a potent attack and a resilient defence, the Blues certainly have the capabilities to contend for a premiership by season’s end.

Prediction: 2nd

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