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Knox Private Hospital Emergency Department Partnership

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EFNL preferred provider of Emergency Care.

EFNL is once again partnering with Knox Private Hospital ED to give 2023-registered football or netball players an exclusive discount on the Knox Private ED presentation fee this season. If you’re injured this season, you’ll pay a reduced out-of-pocket fee when you attend Knox Private ED in Wantirna. And you don’t need private health insurance to be seen.


Why choose Knox Private Hospital ED?

  • Be seen sooner – we generally have shorter wait times than other emergency departments and you’ll be seen in order of medical urgency.  Check wait times online now.
  • Urgent medical care by expert emergency doctors
  • Access to leading specialist doctors including surgeons
  • Rapid assessment
  • Onsite diagnostic tests, imaging and pathology


How it works on the day

  • Attend Knox Private Hospital ED with your Medicare card
  • Tell the staff you’re a registered EFNL player. You may need to show your registration email
  • You’ll be seen by an emergency physician in order of medical urgency
  • On the day pay a discounted ED presentation fee of $250. Exclusive to EFNL registered players.
  • Knox will provide you with a receipt
  • You can choose to make an insurance claim if you wish


How to make a claim

  • The Knox Private Hospital ED presentation fee for EFNL registered players is $250 and the invoice needs to be included if you choose to make an insurance claim.
  • There is a $100 policy excess that applies to each claim. This will be deducted from your settlement amount for your entire injury claim.
  • If you had no further incurred non-Medicare medical expenses for your claim you can expect to receive $50 back. This means your total out of pocket cost for your Knox Private ED fee is $200.
  • In addition, a 50% rebate is provided for all other non-Medicare medical expenses, capped at $2000 per claim. This may include diagnostic imaging services (which may incur an out of pocket cost) and pathology which may be partially reimbursed by Medicare*
  • Please remember the EFNL insurance policy is only valid when you suffer an injury whilst playing or training in an organised activity for your EFNL club. You are not covered if you’re injured outside of organised club activities*

*Click here for more information on your EFNL insurance policy


About the partnership

For the third year running, EFNL has appointed Knox Private Hospital as their preferred 2023 partner to provide expert emergency medical services to all registered football and netball players throughout the season (including pre-season and training). This special offer of a reduced ED fee is available to all 2023-registered players until the end of the season. We generally have shorter wait times so you’ll be seen sooner (in order of medical urgency). You’re in good hands at Knox Private ED.

Contact Knox Private ED

Knox Private Hospital
Emergency Department – Open 24 hours, 7 days
262 Mountain Hwy
Wantirna VIC 3152
Call 1800 566 933

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