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EFNL Summer Netball Competition Takes the Court by Storm

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The Eastern Football Netball League (EFNL) proudly concluded our inaugural Summer Netball Competition last Friday night, marking a thrilling addition to the league’s netball offering. This exciting venture has garnered immense support and enthusiasm from our participants.


The EFNL’s Netball and Administration Coordinator, Alice Cook, expressed her excitement, stating, “The inaugural EFNL Summer Netball Competition has exceeded our expectations in terms of participation and passion.”


“This competition opens up new opportunities for players and showcases the league’s commitment to fostering a vibrant netball community.”


CEO Jy Bond emphasizing the league’s dedication to promoting this new summer competition and experience. “Our vision for the EFNL has now extended beyond our traditional netball offering.”


“The introduction of the Summer Netball Competition underscores our commitment to providing opportunities for players to engage with the sport year-round.”


“I was thrilled to see the community’s response to this initiative and look forward to its continued success in the years to come.”


The overall competition was a great success, held at Pinks Reserve in Kilsyth over December and January.


There was fantastic representation from our league’s clubs with a total of 25 teams from 16 different clubs participating across four divisions.


The growth and expansion of Netball in the EFNL through the Summer competition is set to continue into the 2024 season with several clubs re-joining teams to the competition.


For more information about the EFNL Summer Netball Competition, including match results, visit HERE:


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