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It’s a fresh start for North Ringwood after this year’s transfer period, with the Saints wiping the slate clean.

Harvey Chinn (Boronia), Riley Smith (Montrose) and incoming coach Robin Nahas stand out amongst the Ins for the Saints, whilst Tim Jones and Curtis Dunne (both Ringwood) are two of just 15 players – of varying experience – leaving Quambee Reserve for their next season of football.


Player Club Competition
Drew Maher Whitefriars VAFA
Dion Johnston North Warrnambool Hampden
Harvey Chinn (VFL) Boronia EFNL
Riley Smith (VFL) Montrose EFNL
Robin Nahas Pines MPNFL
Player Club Competition
Julian Petracca Whitefriars VAFA
Tim Heuston Old Trinity VAFA
Guy Phelps Lorne Colac & District
Curtis Dunne Ringwood EFNL
Tim Jones Ringwood EFNL
Brodie Larkin Hampton SFNL
Kyle Elliot Southport NEAFL
Jakeb Callen-Hall Warrandyte EFNL
Sam McLarty Doncaster East EFNL
Thomas Woodward Croydon North – MLOC EFNL
Nicholas Lowden Noble Park EFNL
Jack Murfett Ringwood EFNL
Robert Petracca Silvan EFNL
Jayden Hoegel Silvan EFNL
Harrison Nolan East Ringwood EFNL

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