Bendigo Bank Netball Review

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By Briana Kendirian

Another big weekend of EFNL Netball is on tomorrow night, so get your head around all of last weekend’s fallout here, with the Bendigo Bank Netball Review.


Division 1


East Burwood Black 64 def East Burwood Rams 46


A very important game for both teams this week as 2nd and 3rd place battled it out on the courts. It was a very close game with only a one-goal difference at the end of the first quarter and a tie by halftime. However, East Burwood Black took charge in the third quarter and dominated in the goal circle, leading by an eight at the final break. Both teams were sitting at a 4-0 record but only one team came out on top with East Burwood Black defeating Burwood Rams by 18 goals.


Belinda Williams continues to shine in the goal circle scoring 35 goals on Friday making it her best game yet with Sarah Mulqueen and Ruby Klepac scoring 20 and 9 goals.


Danika Corless and Rylee Hamilton continue to work beautifully in the goal circle together with a shared 27 and 19 goals, however it wasn’t enough to get the Rams over the line.


Other results:


Lilydale 53 def East Ringwood 43

Knox 43 def Heathmont 36

Croydon 51 def Ferntree Gully 43



Division 2:


Kilsyth Cougars 33 def Scoresby Magpies 30


A very close game between Kilsyth and Scoresby on Friday night. The Cougars were tailing closely behind the Pies at the end of the first quarter. By halftime the Couagrs took the lead by three goals but dropped to a one-goal lead at the end of the third quarter. In a game that could have gone either way, the Cougars proved to be too strong to overthrow as they managed to stay in the lead and defeat the Magpies by three goals.


Bianca Sanzaro dominated in the goal circle with 22 goals of her own and supported by Sarah Grigg and Kayla Nealy with four each.


Other results:


Vermont 36 def Croydon North MLOC 18

The Basin 46 def Oakleigh Districts 39

Coldstream 29 def Warrandyte 18



Division 3:


Montrose 32 def Whitehorse 26

Another 2nd and 3rd place battle occurred on Friday night as Montrose and Whitehorse battled it out with both teams sitting at a 3-1 record. Montrose led by a single goal at the end of both the first and second quarter. Trying to avoid a turnover, Montrose kept up the pressure and led in the goal circle with both Georgia Burt and Blaithin Doyle scoring 16 goals each making it enough to secure a 6-goal win. Montrose now sit on top of Whitehorse with a 4-1 record.


Other results:


Lilydale 22 def East Burwood 11

East Ringwood 35 def Vermont eagles 32

The Basin 35 def Mulgrave 26

Kilsyth 33 def Glen Waverley 17


Division 4:


Park Orchards 28 def Mulgrave 24


Amazing effort from Mulgrave playing against top of the ladder Park Orchards. It was a very close game with Mulgrave never stepping down and keeping their competitive pressure on Park Orchards all throughout the game. Park Orchards was only leading by a couple goals all throughout the game leaving slight hope for Mulgrave to slip in and take the lead however Mulgrave couldn’t find their opening and lost by four goals.


Sarah Tilley scored 15 goals with the support of Chloe Pinwill scoring 10 for Park Orchards.


Other results:


Nunawading 35 def Heathmont 22

Montrose 24 def East Burwood 11

Silvan 36 def Ferntree Gully 23

Glen Waverley 41 def Boronia 21



Division 5:


Vermont 26 def Balwyn 24


Another close game for top of the ladder team Vermont playing against Balwyn who now sit at 6th on the ladder. Balwyn were in the lead at the end of halftime making Vermont scared they may encounter their first loss for the season. The fear of losing motivated the Eagles to put more force in the goal circle with Kellie Phillips dominating in the ring and scoring 22 goals accompanied by Jessica Scida’s 4. The Eagles were able to pull out a four-goal turnover by the end of the third quarter and just winning by two goals, keeping the Eagles undefeated.


Other results:


Coldstream Red 29 def Scoresby 10

Upper Ferntree Gully Blue 39 def Coldstream Black 25

Upper Ferntree Gully Red 23 def Knox 20

Ringwood 35 def Chirnside Park 34


Division 6:


Glen Waverley 35 def Montrose 12


Glen Waverley enjoyed a comfortable win against Montrose last Friday night with an amazing 23-goal win.


Alyssa Newly scored 23 goals on Friday night assisted by Adelle Mazzarella scoring 12 of her own.


Glen Waverley remain undefeated and sit happily on the top of the ladder.


Other results:


Coldstream 38 def Mitcham 11

Boronia 33 def Kilsyth 22

Heathmont 28 def South Croydon 14

East Ringwood 35 def Ringwood 20


Division 7:


Waverley Blues 41 def Kilsyth 8


Another comfortable and dominant display shown from Waverley on Friday night as they played against Kilsyth with ease. All throughout the game Waverley dominated in the goal circle and applied close pressure in defense. The pressure was too much for Kilsyth as they struggled to keep up with Waverley’s pace.


Gabriella Hatch scored 24 goals in the goal circle making it her best game yet. Jamie Blewett assisted with 17 of her own.


Other results:


South Belgrave 47 def Heathmont 10

Montrose Thunder 30 def Nunawading 8

Montrose Storm 32 def Coldstream 22


Division 8:


Waverley Blues 29 def Scoresby 27

A very strong display shown from both Waverley and Scoresby on Friday night. Scoresby was tailing closely behind Waverley all throughout the game, never stopping the pressure. However, the pressure wasn’t enough as they weren’t able to score enough goals to overthrow Waverley and secure the win. Waverley secured the win that has now put them on top of Scoresby on the ladder.


Other results:


Mulgrave 26 def Montrose 20

The Basin 34 def Ferntree Gully 18

East Burwood bye


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