Superior Sharks

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By Trent Callen

Schramms Reserve played host to a meeting of the sharks on Saturday, with the battle of upmost importance for the red, white, and black variety to stay afloat in Premier Division, with a finals berth on the cards for Park Orchards in their debut season.


Park Orchards preyed on the lesser of the two teams, gaining ascendancy in the premiership quarter to record their fourth win of season 2022, 7.4 (46) to 14.10 (94).


The highs and lows of football have now been felt across the last fortnight for Doncaster who defeated ladder leader Rowville last round but were unable to keep pace with the eighth placed ‘Orch’ this week.


Proceedings commenced with the home side defending grimly to stave off a fast-starting Orch outfit, with the aerial prowess of Liam Coghlan drawn upon to intercept in a Doncaster defence that was peppered early.


However, holes within their back six appeared as they leaked two majors to livewire Conner Hickey who had multiples in the first term to his name.


Doncaster opened their account in the second quarter when James Munks was the beneficiary of swift ball movement forward, not to be outdone, Park Orchards answered the call with a major of their own through Kane Keppell.


The efforts of Jack Mahon working on all fours were rewarded next, with the inside bull converting a tough set shot from the angle to narrow the margin and give the fans of the blue and white something to cheer.


Andrejs Everitt roamed free for most of the day on the wing, the recipient on this occasion of an uncharacteristic Doncaster downfield free kick, going the way of the ex-AFL swingman, who would in turn convert, bucking the inaccurate trend to create a two-goal buffer in the process.


From here, the narrative would continue for Park Orchards who’d rue missed chances in front of the sticks, failing to gain momentum by the way of scoreboard pressure.


The lead was shortened to a respectable 10 points, with a red time goal thanks to Nicholas Komen, who toiled hard throughout keeping his team within touching distance before the main break.


The third term was all one-way traffic, with Park Orchards flexing their muscles in the premiership quarter.


Mason Blakey, Lachie Gawel and Michael Prosenak all got a slice of the action with goals of their own, the latter of which, Prosenak, recording his first on track to a pair.


Coach of Doncaster, Chris Annakis, did his best vocalising his sides problem areas, ordering instructions directed at his group, who he’d hoped would mount an all-inspiring comeback win, rewriting the record books.


The long sleeve wearing Kyle Viccars was the innocent antagonist who fought gallantly using his craft to draw several free kicks, the last of which resulting in a major.


Matt Haythorne starred yet again down back with a vote worthy a performance at his intercepting best, the defender standing tall denying Doncaster in countless situations.


The last term was a formality for Park Orchards in a percentage boosting win to the tune of forty-eight points, staking their claim as the superior set of sharks


A favourable draw lies ahead for the red, white, and black and could see them springboard into contention, despite their lack of Premier Division experience.

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