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Following the successful launch of Sherrin Face Footy’s Soft Touch in May 2022, Sherrin is thrilled announce the arrival of two new products designed specifically for coaches and community footy clubs to simplify kicking for kids. Teaching kids how to kick a drop punt is one of the hardest footy skills to explain and master. Now Sherrin has a product to help kids learn quicker and have fun playing footy.

In conjuction with James Podsiadly and Rory Sloane, Sherrin is launching two new Synthetic Face Footy’s that are made for winter training conditions with kids. Following years of attending academies and clinics across their careers, Podsiadly and Sloane decided to come up with a way simplify how the important skill of kicking was being taught.

“Kicking a drop punt is one of the most important skills in footy and teaching it has always been over complicated. From the numerous junior clinics I’ve conducted over my AFL journey, I’ve seen first-hand how effective these simple steps are in not only teaching kids how to kick a footy, but also how parents and coaches teach children,” said Sloane.

The Face Footys concept breaks down the skill of kicking into three key actions to make it as easy as possible for young footballers to master. Each ball features a face on a footy with clearly defined ears, nose, and a chin, helping to simplify kicking by breaking it down into three easy steps:

  1. Cover the ears.
  2. Point the nose.
  3. Kick the chin.

“We have seen that having the face features on a Sherrin assists coaches teach big groups of kids how to kick. The Face Footy synthetics are here to make footy fun and easy for coaches and teachers as well,” said James Podsiadly

These Face Footy’s are designed for kids aged 5-11 (available in size 1 and 2) and made from a synthetic material meaning they are perfect for footy training on grass, wet weather conditions and bulk purchase quantities. Dubbed “Rusty” and “Goldie” for the kids, these two join the Face Footy’s family to make skill development easy.

The perfect training tool for your junior footy club. Whether you’re purchasing for the first time, or topping up your stock levels, Sherrin have all the bundle options available. Check out the full Face Footys range online at

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