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The EFL is again recognising the elite players in our competition by announcing an ‘SEN Team of the Year’ for each senior division.

At the end of the home and away season, each coach was asked to name a ‘Team of the Year’, in positions, for the division they coach in.

The following players have been selected in the 30-man squad, from which the final SEN Division 3 Team of the Year will be selected from…


Dean Grice (Bor)

David Burmeister (Ring)

Jess Bolton (Bor)

Michael King (Ring)

Jess Moore (Bor)

Tim Burmeister (Ring)

Anthony Bernardo (CP)

Allistair Quinn (Temp)

Ben Marganis (Donc)

Jamie Bain (Temp)

Chris Annakis (Donc)

Trevor Mills (TB)

Aaron Fiora (Donc)

Will Gayfer (TB)

Nathan Thompson (Donc)

Andy Cultrera (TB)

Ewen McKenzie (Donc)

Michael Morello (War)

Danny Kennaugh (GWH)

Brayden Harkness (WS)

Anthony Hickey (Heath)

Taylor Leggate (WS)

Steven Pimm (Mit)

Andrew Teakel (WS)

Chris Hoegel (Mit)

Daniel Beddome (WS)

Jarrod Witnish (Mit)

Brad Hutchinson (WS)

Trent Farmer (Ring)

Anthony Papa (WS)

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