The ‘Our Club’ campaign is a club strengthening initiative for Eastern Football League clubs.It aims to:

  • Create a more positive club culture towards alcohol
  • Improve club response to mental health,
  • Increase confidence to talk about mental health and alcohol consumption
  • Increased club awareness of local community health services, and
  • Build stronger social connections and sense of belonging within the club and local community


Research tells us that all these elements protect children, young people and adults from social isolation, alcohol and other drug use and poor mental/physical health.
You can get involved with the 40+ clubs in the region by registering here and downloading the resources on the website for use on your socials, in the club house and through your team app.
You can find some of these below.
Contact deborah.cocks@each.com.au for more information.

Our Club Communication Guide

Our Club Mental Health Support

Our Club Engagement Tip Sheet


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