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By Josh Ward.

He’s already made a big impact in his short senior career, but last Saturday saw Surrey Park forward Nick Kann achieve a rare feat.


In only his 21st senior match Kann stole the show up forward, kicking 15 out of the Panthers 26 goals in their thumping 154-point victory over Croydon North MLOC. Kann recently said that it was a surreal feeling following the feat.


“I (was) able to get onto a few leads early on and then they kept on coming. Didn’t know how to process it and still don’t, never thought it would happen or I would get close to it,” Kann said.


Kicking five of those 15 in the first quarter, Kann felt that if the Panthers continued to dominate then he would be able to get ahold of a few more.


“The first ball use we were getting from our mids and ruck it was probably a key sign to me kicking those goals.


“I knew if we kept dominating in the midfield I (would be) able to use my pace off the lead to get onto a few and then ended up getting onto more than I thought which was good.”


Whilst he managed the 15 goals Kann also kicked the 10 behinds, feeling like he could’ve ended up with more.


“I think I definitely should’ve had a few more but guess you’ll take 15 at the end of the day.”


In only his second year as a senior player Kann has continued to perform at a high standard, kicking 71 goals in his 21 senior games to date. Kann added that so far it has been an enjoyable time in the Panthers senior set up.


“I’ve loved it at Surrey, the way they’ve backed us young kids in to lead us into the next few years to hopefully climb the ranks and the divisions. I don’t think I’d take anything back, love being at Surrey so far.”


Under senior playing coach James Kenworthy the senior men and development sides at Surrey have flourished, with Kann adding he’s been terrific as head coach.


“He backs us young kids in to be able to perform on the day and just keeps backing everyone that’s in the 22 and even in the development team.


“He just (keeps) pushing everyone to be their very best and bringing that premier standard down to us to raise that roof and be the best we can to be able to move through those divisions.”


Kann added that he had enjoyed playing alongside mates in the senior lineup has helped push him to become a better player.


“Seeing the other boys perform well almost pushes you as well because there’s heaps more in the development team that are making us earn our spots.


“Being able to do it with mates that I’ve played junior footy with is pretty special.”


The Panthers senior women’s side and the U19s have also had strong starts to 2023, with all four senior sides unbeaten to date.


“Vibes are pretty high (at the moment), everyone’s up and about, loving each other’s company and just keep getting wins on the board and performing at training.


“Everyone is loving being at the club at the stage we’re at with how successful we are compared to 10 years ago when we were struggling to win a game. It’s a good turnaround.”


With his performance last Saturday Kann added that it would give him plenty of confidence heading into the rest of 2023.


“It showed me how dominant I can be and have an impact in the game just to be able to kick goals and set people up, brought me a lot of confidence to back myself week in, week out to know that I can do the job.”


And with their start to the season as well as their performance on Saturday Kann believes that it’ll give more confidence to the side.


“With Saturday’s result showing how dominant we can be through all three lines with the defence holding their own, mids being able to give us first use and forwards being able to put the score on the board.


“I think we’ve got a tremendous amount of confidence heading into the rest of the season and to follow up the season.”

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